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African Pyramid – Magic Mushrooms


African Pyramid, also known as A.T.—African Transkei (and S.A.T.—South African Transkei), is the only Psilocybe cubensis strain that spontaneously originated in South Africa’s dry and sunny Wild Coast Region.

Experience an unforgettable trip with African Pyramid magic mushrooms:

  • Elegant triangle cap makes them worth their name;
  • Average and above-average psilocybin punch sends you to outer space with unusual body sensations;
  • A.T. is one of the youngest strains discovered, which makes it a prospective mushroom for scientific research.

It should be noted that naturally growing S.A.T. is less potent than S.A.T. developed under ideal conditions at home or in the lab. On our site, you can buy top-quality African Pyramid mushrooms online in Canada and experience tingling bodily sensations and strong visions.



African Pyramid Magic Mushrooms– Appearance

African Pyramid magic mushrooms,  It is easy to distinguish since it doesn’t resemble any other strain you know of. Here is what you will see in the package:

  • Size: 3-5 inches (8-12 cm), perfect cap-to-stem ratio, significant bruising when touched/transported;
  • Cap: 1-5 inches (1,5-8 cm), triangle-shaped, bright brown to golden when young and fades to white when mature;
  • Stem: 1,5 – 3,9 inches(4-10 cm) long, 0,2-1 inches (0,5-1,5 cm) wide, mostly white, can have dark brown stripes or yellowish shades, twisting and wider towards the base.

Despite the fact that the African Pyramid grows in extremely tough conditions for mushrooms, its cap doesn’t crack but only changes coloring according to humidity levels. It is a dung-loving strain that can be easily grown on common substrates.

African Pyramid – How Much to Take

The fundamental truth with all psychedelic substances is that everything is individual. Shroom lovers report that A.T. is very potent and you should start with an extremely low dose.

  • Micro dose: 0,20-0,40 grams, recommended for beginners or first-time users;
  • Minimal recreational doses can produce vivid open-eyed hallucinations. It starts from 0,40 and ends at 1,25 grams;
  • Full recreational: 1,25-3 grams. For experienced users only;
  • High dose produces heavy trip with all the consequences like synesthesia, 3-4,25 grams;
  • Heroic: 4,25 and beyond.

We recommend practicing safe doses and starting low. The first effects will be felt after only 10 minutes. Sometimes it takes more than that, approximately 40 mins. The overall spiritual experience lasts 3.5-7 hours.

African Pyramid Magic Mushrooms – Administration

You can find countless recommendations and ways to consume mushrooms, so feel free to experiment with reasonable doses. The main way to experience nice spiritual vibrations, however, stays the same — just eat your shrooms. Here are several tips:

  • To enjoy every gram of your African Pyramid magic mushroom, don’t eat before the trip for a few hours. Thus they kick in faster and act longer;
  • If you don’t like the mushroom taste — incorporate a few magic grams into cold food, like a salad, or eat something sweet after shrooms to kill the sour taste;
  • Use a so-called Lemon Tek to intensify the trip even more. Put half of your normal dose into lemon juice and drink it in one go.

Some users recommend making mushroom tea or baking shrooms with pizza, however, we don’t promote these methods, since high temperatures lower psilocybin content significantly, making magic mushrooms almost useless.

African Pyramid Magic Mushrooms – Safety & Efficiency Rules

Along with common “start low and go slow” there are particular safe mushrooms use tips:

  • Absolutely NO alcohol and NO medications;
  • Prepare for the trip in advance, so there will be no factors distracting from relaxation;
  • Enjoy your shrooms in a safe space, preferably at home.

We also recommend having a trip sitter, a sober friend, that will help you if something goes wrong. If there are no such people you trust, that’s unfortunate, but you still need to prepare a safe room, music, etc. Avoid taking mushrooms with unknown people since they can increase anxiety and ruin your trip.

African Pyramid – Origins

Indigenous to Transkei (now a part of the Eastern Cape province), in South Africa’s Wild Coast Region. According to anecdotal reports, the first African Pyramid was collected in January 2002. It was found in the picturesque river area, growing on Nguni Cattle dung in the trees’ shade. It can now be found in tropical and subtropical regions and almost everywhere, growing artificially in labs and at homes by shroom enthusiasts.

African Pyramid Magic Mushrooms – Effects & What to Expect

Because each mushroom in a cluster has a different psilocybin/psilocin ratio, the effects vary from person to person. Here is a summary of the effects of dry African Pyramid magic mushrooms at various dosages:


  • Increased mood;
  • You became talkative and more social;
  • Boosted creativity.

Minimal recreational dose:

  • Vivid closed-eye hallucinations start here;
  • More pronounced euphoric sensations;
  • Light-twinkling body experience.

Full recreational dose:

  • Prominent body sensations specific to this strain;
  • Astounding visuals;
  • Skin-tingling.

High dose:

  • Time distortion;
  • Dancing geometric shapes, lights, and traces;
  • The overwhelming feeling of peace, joy, and possibility.

Heroic dose:

  • The most intense and colorful light show that you have ever seen;
  • Loss of physical balance as well as ego distortion;
  • Enhanced body effects, making you feel soft like a plasticine.

African Pyramid mushrooms are known for their body experiences rather than their visuals. They encourage an entirely new understanding of reality and one’s place within it.

African Pyramid Magic Mushrooms – Occasions

This strain is ideal for a variety of activities because of its distinct A.T. effects. If you are an experienced user who feels at ease not being at home or alone on the trip, you can go for a walk in the woods. Here are some extra ideas:

  • Painting session, be sure that you draw a masterpiece;
  • Meditation and full relaxation for introverts;
  • Parties and social events for extroverts.

We do not advise going out if you intend to take a high or heroic dose. Dancing lights and melting things are breathtaking when you can enjoy them without risking your life!

African Pyramid Mushrooms – Variations

The Trans Envy strain is the only known stable variation of the African Pyramid cubensis. As with most scientific discoveries, it was created by accident by mixing Penis Envy and the South African Transkei spores. As a result, we have a more potent version of S.A.T. that has the same, but more pronounced effects and bigger size.


While the African Pyramid is perfect as it is, there are various strains with different effects you can enjoy to regulate spiritual experience.

Penis Envy

One of the most potent Psilocybe cubensis strains is a great option for those who need something with a little more kick. Be sure to dose it carefully.

Golden Teacher

Significantly less body effects and mild psychedelic action. A perfect option for first-time consumers who don’t know where to start.

Trans Envy Shrooms

As described above, it is a cross between S.A.T and Penis Envy that gives you the same body effects and mind effects, but lasts longer and contains more psilocybin and psilocin. You can buy all these magic mushrooms online in Canada in our shop and get a nice safe trip you will remember your whole life!