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Today is a Hot Chocolate Kind of Day 5G – Psilocybin Infused Hot Chocolate


Today is a Hot Chocolate Kind of Day, and psilocybin-infused hot chocolate is the ultimate sensory experience. This wonderful beverage provides a handy and tasty method to enjoy the advantages of psilocybin in a warm and soothing form.

It’s simple to make psilocybin hot chocolate. Simply combine one teaspoon of psilocybin hot chocolate with 250 mg of boiled milk, mix well, and allow the rich flavors to wrap your senses. Each portion is meticulously injected with the optimal psilocybin dosage, ensuring a consistent and delightful experience every time.

  • GMO-free and 100% natural;
  • Easy to dose, convenient, and delicious;
  • 1 pack with 500 mg of pure psilocybin powder is enough for 10 cups.

Choose FunGuyz for a high-quality, enjoyable psilocybin-infused session. Uncover the secret depths of your consciousness in the most luxurious and soothing way conceivable. DMT’s effects are noticed in seconds and last about 30 minutes, making it an effective and predictable method for relieving stress and quickly returning to work.


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