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Psilobites Mood 5 G – Psilocybin Chocolate Bar


Psilocybin and chocolate have both been shown to stimulate dopamine production and, hence, make us happier. Consider what occurs when you combine these two… The result is the most delicious psilocybin chocolate bar! Psilobites Mood Bar has the ability to give a wide range of pleasant effects, from 1 piece (0.25g) to put a smile back on your face to a full-scale 5g dose to take you to a euphoric state and higher.

Psilobites psilocybin chocolate bars are available in three flavors:

  • The dark Chocolate that you can see in the picture is 100% organic, vegan, and gluten-free;
  • Exotic S’mores taste for experienced shrooms connaisseurs;
  • Milk Chocolate is the ultimate treat for sweet tooth.

We recommend beginning with 1-2 pieces and progressively increasing the dose to see what impact psilocybin has on your body specifically. It’s simple, with perfectly weighted and pre-dosed chocolate chunks. To make your magic mushroom experience even more convenient, we guarantee exceptional quality, predictable results, and rapid shipment across Canada!

NOTE: Do not combine magic mushroom bars with alcohol or drugs. This combination may have negative and unpredictable consequences for your body and psyche.