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Psilobites Energy 5 G – Psilocybin Chocolate Bar


If you need an energy boost to help you reach your goals, we’ve got you covered. Psilobites Energy Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar contains 5g of pure psilocybin and is made from the finest chocolate. The energy bar is really simple to dose. From 1 piece for hardly detectable liveliness growth to the entire bar for the ultimate power upgrade, experience all shades of an uplifted mood.

Psilobites psilocybin chocolate bars are available in three flavors:

  • The dark Chocolate that you can see in the picture is 100% organic, vegan, and gluten-free;
  • Exotic S’mores taste for experienced shrooms connaisseurs;
  • Milk Chocolate is the ultimate treat for sweet tooth.

Chosen taste doesn’t affect the psilocybin potency of the bar. It always has the same predictable vigorous effects. Try it out today to get an energy wave that will wash your todos away!

SAFETY NOTE: Don’t mix magic mushroom bars with alcohol and medications. This blend may have harmful and unpredictable effects on your body and mind.